A View Above All

Legacy Hotel - Cardinal's Crest logo

Your place to relax and enjoy life’s moments.

A hint of nostalgia, classic rock, comfort and exceptional skyline views are on hand at Cardinal’s Crest Rooftop Bar & Grille so you can unwind, relax, and have some fun. During the day, enjoy lunch with an incredible view. At night, the fireplace is the place to be—all while enjoying authentic Wisconsin fare, prepared with Executive Chef Aaron Morse’s unique twist.

Cardinal’s Crest Rooftop Bar & Grille features an expansive drink list featuring classic cocktails, select wines, craft beer, and zero-ABV options. The creative brilliance of mixologist Tony Oczus comes to life through the extensive libations menu.

Catch a game from the large screens, or step outside on the extraordinary outdoor terrace to enjoy memorable Legacy Hotel views. Join us at Cardinal’s Crest Rooftop Bar & Grille—the perfect place to relax and enjoy life’s moments.

“Come to Cardinal’s Crest to kick back, have fun, and meet friends. Our menu is full of sharables and casual offerings which will go perfectly with our handcrafted cocktails, beer and wine. Then look out at the view to see Green Bay in a way you haven’t seen before.”



The name Cardinal’s Crest was selected to honor the memories of loved ones, while also celebrating today’s special moments.

“Some say that when you see a cardinal, it’s the spirit of someone you’ve lost connecting with you,” said hotel founder and creative visionary, Vicki Fabry.

“For me, that’s incredibly touching. When I see a cardinal I stop, smile, and know that I’m deeply connected to my family and friends—those here with me in this world and those who have gone too soon.”

“At Legacy, I wanted there to be a place, and what better place than a rooftop terrace looking out over the Green Bay community, to celebrate what cardinals represent—memories and loved ones. It’s also a reminder to cherish each moment,” she adds. “I believe it’s about remembering that we all leave some type of legacy—so let’s be intentional in making each moment count.”

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