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Your time with us is all about your journey. Your life. Your legacy.

We look forward to offering carefully crafted experiences for you to enjoy. That includes quiet and restful moments to rejuvenate and refresh.

At Legacy’s spa, Glow, you will experience our unique combination of services, earth-friendly products and experts, and unparalleled healing and wellness experiences for our guests and community.

We strive to be a leading innovator in connecting the mind, body, and spirit through holistic inspiration, education, and service. Come. Enjoy. Relax. Refresh.







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Traditional Swedish Massage
Light-to-medium pressure relaxation massage. This classic massage utilizes techniques that aim to promote relaxation by releasing muscle tension.
50 minutes $170
80 minutes $200

Deep Tissue
This massage is medium-to-deep pressure, alleviating tension, stress and sore muscles by applying sustained pressure using slow, deep strokes to target the inner layers of your muscles.
50 minutes $ 180
80 minutes $210

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage
This massage is perfect to release toxins and allow your body to heal from within. The negative ions are released through these ancient salt stones that penetrate and allow for deep relaxation of body, mind and spirit.
50 minutes $180

Sacred Hot Stone Massage
This massage is perfect for deep stress release. Tensions dissolve as sacred river stones are carefully warmed, applied with soothing massage strokes, and placed on energy centers found on the body. Sacred hot stones neutralize tension and dissolve energy blocks, reconnecting you in total peace and well-being. The warmed basalt stones are used for a deep penetrating massage.
50 minutes $180

Prenatal Massage
This is a must during your pregnancy. If you are in your second or third trimester, it’s imperative that you get some relief and relaxation through a specialized massage for hormone regulation, reduced swelling and nerve pain improvement.
50 minutes $180

Prenatal Massage with Scalp Treatment
This service is the prenatal massage with a scalp treatment that will feel amazing when hot oil is massaged deep into the scalp, head, neck and shoulders to wash away tension.
80 minutes $205

Glow Signature Facial
This customized organic-based deep cleansing facial is just what you need with enzyme exfoliation. A customized mask specifically chosen for your skin type will help boost and clarify your skin, leaving your face nourished and balanced.
50 minutes $190

Anti-Aging Facial
This decadent and luxurious facial is all that and more. It helps firm, tone and refine skin while hydrating deeply into the skin with proteins and powerful antioxidants. This age-defying facial replenishes skin with a nutrient-rich application of the finest products. A unique masque provides intensive hydration that will restore your radiance.
50 minutes $205

Detoxify and Restore Facial
This facial is tailored to address oily skin or skin with acne breakouts or other skin-related issues. An exfoliating multi-acid peel will renew and improve the surface texture of your skin while decreasing oil and debris in the pores. Extractions are performed as needed. This facial includes an acupressure massage to increase circulation and flush the skin of toxins. A custom masque will be applied to nourish and balance the skin.
50 minutes $200

Rejuvenating Body Scrub with Massage
This body treatment is perfect all year round to rejuvenate and relieve dry skin and help with circulation. You will experience the magical properties of a sugar scrub as it is massaged into the skin and removed with warm water. Your therapist will apply soothing shea butter and finally give you a wonderful back, neck, and shoulder massage to end this service.
50 minutes$180
80 minutes $210

Lavishly Lavender Body Treatment
You will be completely relaxed and can breathe deeply and inhale the calming and nurturing benefits of this natural organic lavender. It’s a rejuvenating and relaxing body treatment that includes the benefit of a lavender salt scrub, a warm cocoon wrap and the relaxing benefits of a full body massage and scalp treatment.
90 minutes $ 235

Salt and Stone Body Relief
If you love the feeling of a luxurious salt scrub on your body this amazing service removes tired, aging skin, then receive a basalt stone massage as the heat penetrates deeply to allow for an ultimate deeply relaxing treatment.  
80 minutes $230

Detox Seaweed Body Treatment
This body treatment starts with a wonderful dry skin brushing to remove dead skin, allowing your body to drink up the detoxifying seaweed mask. Then, your body will be cocooned as you receive a relaxing scalp treatment that relieves tension and treats the scalp. The therapist will remove the mask and complete the service with a full body massage.
90 minutes $235

The Lymphatic Jump Start Massage
Our lymph system is overtaxed and fatigued. This treatment can help to activate your lymphatic system so it can move toxins through the body. To begin, skin brushing helps remove any dry, dead skin. Next, grapefruit and black pepper essential oil will be massaged into the skin. Finally, a light lymphatic massage will gently awaken the body as it begins releasing toxins, bringing the body back to a more balanced state of health.
80 minutes $235

The Five Star Treatment
If you love your scalp, hands, and feet pampered and massaged, this treatment is for you. Your therapist will bring you into a deeply relaxed state of being as this treatment starts with a hot oil scalp treatment and massage. Next, your hands will receive the pampering they deserve with a massage while a foot scrub removes any dry skin. A minty foot balm will be applied to your feet and you feel relief from a foot massage with a bit of reflexology added to the service. Your hands and feet are then wrapped in hot-scented towels.
90 minutes $230

Add any of the following enhancements to your massage, facial, or body treatment appointment

Dry Skin Brush

A relaxing and detoxifying experience for your entire body. Dry brushing is an all-over gentle stimulation that removes excess dead skin cells and residue from your body while promoting lymph drainage and helping with the body’s detoxification process.
10 minutes $20

Sole Therapy
This add-on is truly wonderful for relieving sore and stressed feet. An organic sugar scrub is massaged onto your feet and heals. Steamed towels relax and soothe, while a cooling balm finishes the treatment, leaving your feet silky, smooth and revitalized.
15 minutes $25

Serenity Scalp Massage
You will drift into deep relaxation as this calming massage focuses on your scalp, neck, and shoulders. Warm organic oils are selected for your scalp and hair, blended with nourishing organic essential oils, massaged onto your scalp and combed through your hair.
15 minutes $25

Cold Stone Facial Massage
The treatment begins with acupressure relief. Next, cold basalt stones relieve headaches and facial tension while relaxing the hundreds of muscles we use daily.
15 minutes $25

Experience Glow

Legacy seeks to offer within Glow a place to support each guest’s pursuit of personal health and beauty—internally, externally, and environmentally. Glow brings the Legacy’s vision, mission, and beliefs to life every day through shared intentions, best practices, and behaviors. Glow presents a physical environment that is not only beautiful but demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and the protection of our bodies, mind, and soul. 

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