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Your time with us is all about your journey. Your life. Your legacy.

Glow Spa offers carefully crafted experiences for you to enjoy. Experiences that include quiet and restful moments to rejuvenate and refresh.

You will experience our unique combination of services, earth-friendly products and experts, and unparalleled healing and wellness experiences.

We strive to be a leading innovator in connecting the mind, body, and spirit through holistic inspiration, education, and service. Come. Enjoy. Relax. Refresh.







Traditional Swedish Massage
Using light to medium pressure, this classic massage aims to promote relaxation by releasing muscle tension.
50 min $170
80 min $200

Deep Tissue Massage
Using medium to deep pressure, this therapeutic massage alleviates muscle tension and stress by applying slow, sustained pressure in targeted areas.
50 min $180
80 min $210

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage
Heal your body from within, as ancient remineralizing salt stones are rhythmically incorporated into the massage, promoting circulation and deep relaxation. Salt stone massages are perfect for relieving muscle tension and soothing inflammation in the body.
50 min $180

Prenatal Massage
This massage is ideal for expectant mothers, focusing on a specialized treatment for relaxation, nerve pain improvement, hormone regulation and the reduction in swelling.
50 min $180
80 min $205
Upgrade to 80 minutes for an added scalp treatment, as warm oil is massaged into the scalp, neck and shoulders to promote deep relaxation.

Glow Signature Facial
Experience our signature facial, which starts with deep cleansing and customized exfoliation based on your individual skin type. This is followed by a facial massage aiding in lymphatic drainage to oxygenate the skin for depuffing and circulation benefits. Conclude your service with a customized mask and moisturizing finishing products that will leave your skin glowing and radiant.
**Choice of liquid exfoliation method (glycolic acid, salicylic acid, enzymatic) or dermaplaning**
50 min $190
80 min $230
Upgrade to 80 minutes for added customization benefits and ultimate relaxation.

Clarify and Restore Facial
This facial is designed to calm inflammation, address congested skin and target acne-related skin concerns. Begin the service with a clarifying cleanse and professional exfoliation, incorporating glycolic and salicylic acid to gently smooth textural irregularities, even the skin tone, and unclog pores. A customized serum infusion is massaged into the skin, following an application of a nourishing mask to balance oil production. Complete your service with hydrating finishing products that lock in moisture and essential nutrients, while providing a protective barrier against pollutants.
50 min $180
80 min $220
Upgrade to 80 minutes for double exfoliation, LED blue light therapy, and a cooling mask to further clarify, heal, and soothe inflammation.

Ultimate Rejuvenation Facial
This age-rewinding facial incorporates glycolic acid and collagen stimulating ingredients to support skin remodeling and elasticity. To begin, a hydrating cleanse is performed, followed by a professional-level glycolic acid to reveal brighter and smoother skin. Replenish, plump, and firm your skin after exfoliation as a peptide and hyaluronic acid infusion is massaged into the skin. Conclude the service with an antioxidant-rich mask, scalp massage, and finishing products to provide intense hydration and protection from the sun.
**LED red light therapy is included to further stimulate collagen production**
50 min $200
80 min $240
Upgrade to 80 minutes for the ultimate age-rewinding benefits of nano-needing, a non-invasive alternative to micro-needling; it creates superficial micro-channels into the skin, triggering the skin’s natural healing response to aid in the production of collagen and elastin.

Glow Signature Body Wrap
Reach a meditative state through this therapeutic signature body wrap. The service begins with a full-body exfoliation, incorporating a revitalizing antioxidant serum to help buff away dead skin and promote circulation. Cocooned in a thermal blanket, enjoy a luxurious facial as the potent blend of antioxidants works to replenish vital trace elements and minerals, providing essential rejuvenation for the body. Moisturization concludes your service, leaving your skin silky smooth, radiant, and glowing from within.
80 min $245

Glow Facial
Includes a customized cleanse, exfoliation, and application of finishing products to reveal your skin’s ultimate glow. **Choice of liquid exfoliation method (glycolic acid, salicylic acid, enzymatic) or dermaplaning**
25 min $95

Waxing Services
Can be booked alone or added onto any facial service:

Eye, Lip or Chin
15 minutes $25
Eye & Lip
15 minutes $35
Eye, Lip & Chin
25 minutes $45

Add Ons
Dermaplaning removes vellus hair and dead skin, revealing a smoother and brighter complexion.
**Can be added onto the Clarify & Restore Facial or Ultimate Rejuvenation Facial**
25 min $35

Rejuvenating Body Scrub with Massage
This rejuvenated body treatment is perfect during any season to relieve dry skin and restore hydration levels. Experience the nourishing benefits of a full-body sugar scrub exfoliation. The scrub will be melted away with warm water and steamed towels. Your therapist will then perform a full body massage, focusing on the back, neck, and shoulders to complete the service. 
80 min $210

Lavishly Lavender Body Wrap
Relax and renew with the healing aromatherapy of organic lavender in this meditative body wrap treatment. Experience an invigorating, full-body exfoliation with a lavender salt scrub, buffing away dead skin and providing hydration as you are cocooned. This service highlights a scalp treatment and the removal of the salt scrub with aromatic steamed towels, complete with a calming lavender massage. 
80 min $235

Salt & Stone Body Relief Treatment
Experience a luxurious, full-body exfoliation with a salt scrub to promote healing and circulation. Following the removal of the scrub, enjoy a deeply relaxing massage that incorporates warm basalt stones.
80 min $230

Replenishing Seaweed Wrap
This body treatment starts with a dry brushing technique, promoting circulation while gently exfoliating. Followed by an application of a re-mineralizing seaweed mask, you are then cocooned, which allows for optimal absorption of minerals and trace elements in the body. During the wrap, you will revive an aromatic scalp treatment, releasing tension and promoting relaxation. To conclude, the therapist will remove the mask and perform a full body massage.
80 min $235

The Five-Star Treatment
 If you love your scalp, hands, and feet pampered and massaged, this treatment is for you. Our five-star service starts with a scalp treatment, incorporating warm, aromatic oils, bringing you into a deep state of relaxation. An enriching hand treatment with heated hand mitts is next, followed by a foot scrub to remove dead skin. A cooling balm is applied to the feet to relieve tension, concluded with acupressure to promote homeostasis and prevent stagnation. 
50 min $210
80 min $230 (
Includes a 30-minute back neck and shoulder massage)

Incorporate CBD oil to any massage, facial, or body treatment to reduce inflammation, muscle tension, and promote relaxation.

Dry Brushing
This is a relaxing and detoxifying experience for your entire body. Dry brushing is an all-over stimulation technique that gently exfoliates the skin while aiming to promote circulation or aid in lymphatic drainage.
10 min $20

Sole Therapy
This add-on is truly wonderful for relieving sore and stressed feet. An organic sugar scrub is massaged onto the feet to exfoliate and promote circulation. Warm aromatherapy towels are used to remove the scrub, followed by a lower leg and foot massage with a cooling balm.
15 min $25

Serenity Scalp Massage
Drift into deep relaxation as this calming massage focuses on your scalp, neck, and shoulders. Warm aromatic oils are selected based on your needs and massaged onto the scalp and combed throughout the hair.
15 min $25

Cold Stone Facial Massage
Beginning the treatment with acupressure relief, the therapist focuses on a soothing facial massage by incorporating cold basalt stones to relieve muscle tension.
15 min $25

Experience Glow

Legacy seeks to offer within Glow a place to support each guest’s pursuit of personal health and beauty—internally, externally, and environmentally. Glow brings the Legacy’s vision, mission, and beliefs to life every day through shared intentions, best practices, and behaviors. Glow presents a physical environment that is not only beautiful but demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and the protection of our bodies, mind, and soul. 

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